This past Sunday night remained peaceful in the Twin Ports and Mayor Emily Larson and Duluth Police Chief Mike Tusken thanked the community which in turn canceled a curfew for Monday night. Mayor Larsen had said that if necessary they may review enacting a curfew in the future but she does not see that as being  necessary at this time.

Chief Tusken said going into Sunday nights protest the department was prepared for the worst and hoped for the best. He did say thanks to the community the protests went as well as possible but a few incidents did arise throughout the day.

Starting at 6:30 am Sunday through Monday morning at 6:30am the Duluth Police Department responded to 394 calls. Six adults and 1 juvenile was arrested with 15 citations written up 3 of which were curfew violations.

More than 150 officers were on duty Sunday night to maintain a large presence to not only ensure safety and keep things secure but also to give officers the opportunity to engage with community members. Tusken said they wanted community members to have a sense of security and feel free to ask questions.

Tusken went on to say to WDIO " I hope that the outcome of this is substantial change. We can't just be angry for now and then go back to the old ways. We have to move forward, we have to be better, we have to find equality for everyone, we have to be just a better people moving forward. We can't forget this. George Floyd shouldn't have died in vain."

Chief Tusken said that the DPD will continue to provide officers with fair and impartial training. He stressed that groups that feel marginalized by police need to have their voices heard and wants to make sure they have their opportunity. He continued to say to WDIO  "We have to have some level of actual intentional healing. It can't be something that two weeks from now we say, 'well that's over, we're going to move on in life. We need to be committed to this."

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