The Duluth Police are seeking the public's help in identifying the woman seen in this surveillance photo. She is a person of interest involving a hit and run accident in the Subway Parking Lot in Kenwood.

For anyone who has been a victim of a hit and run accident you know how frustrating and costly it can be to get your situation resolved and your vehicle fixed. That particular parking lot is very busy with lots of vehicles in and out constantly due to all the businesses in that area. Please contact the Duluth Police Department if you have any information.

Community involvement is what helps keep our neighborhoods, friends and families safe. If you see something suspicious call the police. Our Police Officers can not be everywhere all the time, they rely on the community to be their eyes and ears when they are not around . Do not ever put yourself in harms way, it is always better to report what is happening and let the police handle it from there.


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