A parking dispute turned into a man becoming seriously injured in Cloquet on January 14. According to prosecutors, the passenger in the vehicle involved in the hit and run got in a verbal argument with the victim regarding a parking situation in Cloquet. The driver of the vehicle 38-year-old Rebecca L. Glader was in a Chevy Tahoe and drove after the victim after the argument eventually colliding with his SUV and causing it to go off the road.

The victim proceeded to get out of his vehicle as Glader made a U-Turn heading back to the scene of the crash. According to the charges Glader crossed into the wrong lane veering into the far lane into the shoulder where she hit the victim as he was standing by his SUV, she then took off without stopping or calling authorities.

According to Bring Me The News:" Officers arrived at the scene around 5:48 p.m. and found the victim seriously injured. He was taken to a Duluth hospital and was found to have suffered internal bleeding, organ damage, several hand fractures, and a left knee injury. He underwent two surgeries, leaving him with an 8-inch scar, the charges state. "

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Glader claimed the victim was acting aggressive towards her and admitted she hit something but was 50-50 about if she hit the victim or something else. But she could not offer an explanation as to why she drove off after the accident. Investigators found the Chevy Tahoe at her home with new damage on the vehicle.

She has been charged with three felonies, two gross misdemeanors, and several traffic violations, her first court appearance is on March 17. When you read a story like this it makes you think about how you never know what people are capable of doing. An argument over a parking spot turned into this man being run down with a vehicle and suffering critical injuries. Your best option is to always walk away and do not engage in an argument with a stranger because you never know what they are capable of. I am not trying to blame the victim in any way, his argument was not even with the driver. Thankfully he survived, but his life will never be the same.

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