Police officers often have to perform a variety of duties including helping the four legged kind as well. According to the Duluth Police Department Facebook Page  Sergeant Stolee responded to a call about an injured fan that was alone and in the road. It was nighttime the fawn was in the road calling out for his mother, but she was nowhere to be found.

The fawn did not appear injured but had trouble standing due to how young he was. Sergeant Stolee came to the conclusion that something must have happened to the mother due to the unusual circumstances of where the fawn was found, so this one required to be rescued. Officer Stolee took in the fawn for the night and brought it to Wildwoods the following day. From there, the baby deer will be brought to a sanctuary for rehabilitation. Thankfully he had a pet crate to transport this beautiful little animal, and thank you Officer Stolee for helping out this fawn who needed help!

**Normally all wildlife specialists warn people to never disturb a young fawn, they are often left by themselves as the mom leaves to get food, and if you ever happen upon one or more of them Please leave them alone the mom will be back.

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