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Ed Sheeran Reveals Binge-Drinking and Anxiety Issues

Superstar musician Ed Sheeran got deep and talked about his addictive personality, which apparently led to his bad diet. Sheeran talked about touring and how he was not exercising and instead drinking and eating too much. We’re happy that Sheeran is getting better and will hopefully be releasing new music soon! (via People)

Slip N’ Slide Returns As Water Parks Remain Closed 

Slip N' Slide sales have gone up 180% since April after public pools and water parks said they were staying closed for safety. Other childhood memories you can relive this summer of social distancing include Wham-O’s and Boogie Boards. (via TMZ)

Ellen Under Investigation

The Ellen DeGeneres Show is under investigation after a number of sources came forward to say they do not feel safe in their workplace. WarnerMedia is investigating how crew members are treated, alleged poor communication and pay, and allegations of racism. (via The Shade Room)

Kyrie Irving Starts Fund for WNBA Season

NBA superstar Kyrie Irving has started a $1.5 million fund to help the stars of the WNBA players who were forced to sit out of their season. The league had said that people who were at high-risk of getting COVID-19 could sit out and still get paid, but if you were not high-risk and you chose not to play, you wouldn't get paid. (via CBS)

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Spotted at Wendy’s

Before heading to their Wyoming ranch, Kim and Kanye were spotted at a Wendy’s. But not even a 4 for 4 could make Kim happy: She was seen crying in the car while talking to Kanye. (via TMZ)

Celebrities Who Don't Drink

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