Ellen DeGeneres has inspired so many people to embrace their true selves  as she did herself when she publicly came out years ago, which inevitably cost her the sitcom she starred in for many years. But through it all she persevered and has been able to star in a successful talk show for many years since. Her story inspired one particular young man from Big Lake Minnesota to have the courage to come out to his mom.

Michelle Messer and her son Bryden recently were in the audience at a taping of the Ellen show when Ellen began reading a letter that Bryden had sent to her. Bryden was eager to brag about how awesome his mom was to him when he came out to her his Senior Year of High School. Michele who is a single mom and her father are both big fans of Ellen and she was happy to acknowledge the great relationship that Bryden has with his Mom.  Bryden wrote in part:  "Because of you, she was able to accept me for who I am." Check out the full interview below.

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