It seems like this has happened at least a couple times this year. Duluth will get a day or two blast of warmth that feels more like July than springtime, then we come crashing back down to reality. Sadly, after a very summer-like Saturday that has even near Lake Superior seeing around 80 degrees, things are bound to take a drastic turn for the downright cold to end the weekend.

The National Weather Service poured a little cold water on summer temperature lovers this morning with a graphic on social media, showing that we will see a strong wind shift off Lake Superior on Sunday, bringing with it just what you'd expect. Chilly.

Just how chilly? They say temperatures could struggle to get out of the low 40's on Sunday in Duluth and other areas near Lake Superior. That's a swing of roughly 40 degrees in a day. Brr!

Will that cold hang around into the new week? Well, here is what the National Weather Service is saying:

Monday, we will see a rebound to near 60 degrees, and Tuesday will bring back more summer-like temperatures with a high getting all the way to 75. It sounds like we shouldn't get too used to the warmth though, because Wednesday we will only see about 60, and then we will end the week even cooler. Thursday we will struggle to get past 50 degrees, and Friday will warm up some, but only to around 58.

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If you're a fan of the summery temperatures, I guess you can at least try to embrace the bite-size tastes of heat we're getting. It is good to remember the "unofficial start to summer" (Memorial Day Weekend) isn't until next weekend. So, maybe we should think of the summery days as free previews to the season ahead.

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