You have all probably heard the story of the woman who got her hand clogged in the toilet, well I did not use my hand but had a harrowing situation this past weekend.


Every parent knows when you have kids that things are going to get flushed down the toilet, but when they get older you think the overflow days are behind you. Well not quite, here is a tip show your kids how to use a plunger properly or you will be the one to pay dearly. Our house was built in the 1940's so to say our plumbing is sensitive is an understatement. This past Easter Sunday I woke up to go the bathroom (our only one by the way) to be greeted by a number 2 mess at the bottom of the bowl. So I flushed and almost flooded out entire bathroom. Thankfully the water stopped rising right at the rim and I went to town trying to plunge it.

I plunged that toilet for a good twenty minutes, then the panic set in thinking how much it would cost me to have a plumber come out on not only a Sunday, but a holiday. As I was laboring with the plunger i felt something give, I had pushed the wooden handle through the rubber plunger. Thankfully we have a smaller back up one that used to be used to plunge the sink, that somehow did the job and Mr, Hanky go flushed. Just a side note, I was never in any way shape of form thinking I should stick my hand in there and see what is causing the clog.


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