Facebook relationship statuses are an interesting thing. Some have fun with the status by entering "relationships" with friends; while others take the status all to seriously, believing a relationship isn't "official" until it is on Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg and his team have taken the relationship status to the next level, adding a new feature for those who are "involved" with others on the social network.

Referred to as "Pages for Couples", this new feature Facebook is offering automatically generates a page for anyone who is in some form of relationship on the site. The page can be seen by visiting facebook.com/us while signed in to your Facebook account.

What does a couples page feature? It automatically collects photos and content where both people in the relationship are tagged, theoretically making a chronicle of the epic love you share with the person you feel so strongly for that you've declared your love with a Facebook relationship status.

While there were small groups on Facebook asking for this feature, the resounding outcry from users of the network has been "WHHHYYYY?"

Every time Facebook rolls out a change to their website, there is a massive collective groan from many of the site's users, followed by a bunch of complaining via status updates. This change has proven no different as people realize the change occurred. Bloggers around the world are complaining and threatening to end the Facebook aspect of their relationships or marriages simply to get rid of the page that was created on their behalf by His Zuckerness and the rest of the Facebook crew. Is this outcry necessary? Do you appreciate the new addition? Let us know in our poll and leave a comment below!