If you have a dog or two you most likely consider them part of the family, and go to great lengths to keep them healthy and happy. As with any animal at some point they are going to need to go to the bathroom, and in the winter this can really be a hassle.

For our family which consists of two small dogs winter always poses somewhat of a hassle in letting them out. We do not have a fenced in backyard so we have 2 tethers out in the front yard, but with all the snow we have gotten we are down to one leash and very limited space for them to do their business.

All of us in the house were so grossed out by the yellow snow and poo nuggets everywhere that in knew I had to do something. How do I stay on top of the poop so we can't see it, or step in it if one of the dogs goes on the sidewalk?

That is when it came to me, I need somewhere to scoop up the poop and have it be out of sight and disposed of. Of course for bigger dogs you may want to use an actual garbage can with a lawn and leaf bag inside, but the concept is the same. Thanks to our son Cody for braving the elements to help me with the video!