Since there will be no 2020 Minnesota State Fair you might find it difficult to find some of those amazing, unique fair foods, until now.

A new group originally called the Minnesota State Fair Food Finder, now just the Fair Food Finder after the Minnesota State Fair asked them to change the name, is your one-stop shop to find those tasty treats.

They also launched an interactive Google Map with all the locations laid out throughout the state. You'll find everything from Cheese Curd Tacos, to Egg Rolls on a Stick all available anytime.

Be warned though, don't visit the Facebook Group on an empty stomach, you'll see people sharing photos of all the food and most of it looks incredible!

Many of the foods are served from food trucks and specialty fair food trailers, and they are on the move all week and posting their locations on the map and in the Facebook Group.

Unfortunately, most of the locations listed are around the Twin Cities metro area, so you might have to make a weekend road trip to enjoy some of these foods.

But hopefully, with some more exposure in Northern Minnesota, some local food vendors will start sharing in the group so the entire state can use this valuable resource.

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