In years past this area of Hwy 61 posed quite the challenge for racers of the Inline Marathon as it was the oldest part of the course, but now will be nice and smooth minimizing the risk of pebbles, bumps and tar snakes.

According to a press release  Assistant District Engineer and NorthShore Inline Marathon board member Todd Campbell said, that with these improvements the entire 26.2 mile course is considered to be in excellent condition.

The section of the course that is being redone is between mile 14 and 19 on the course and work is expected to be completed by Friday September 8th which is one week before the race. This year will be the 27th Annual Race which is the largest Inline Marathon in the United States. The Northshore Inline Marathon draws 2,000 athletes from all over the world to participate in the inline skating, roller ski and running races. For more information CLICK HERE

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