For reasons unknown, Salt Lake City news source Fox13 decided to let Flavor Flav play meteorologist for the day and deliver the morning weather report to their no doubt confused viewership.

After being introduced, the dreaded, over-sized shirt wearing Public Enemy member appears in front on the screen rocking one of his signature red clocks with a spirited "Yeah boy!"

"Yeah that's right, y'all thought they was joking, I'm really here, you know what I'm saying," says an enthused Flav. "To bring you the weather, not only for the good, but for the better, know what I'm saying. I aint playing and it's all in the message that we are relaying."

After delivering the somewhat confusing report, Flav thanks the station for bringing him on and reveals that he is not a weatherman, but a rapper. You don't say. In all, Flav said "You know what I'm saying" 15 times in a 90 second span and we learned it's probably safe to assume that he doesn't have a second calling as a weather guy. But the video is hilarious all the same.

This is a big difference from Flavor's normal appearances on the news which frequently have to do with him in some type of legal trouble. Last year, he caught two cases. One, in January, on felony driving charges.

Last May, he was arrested again in New York City and charged with DUI and marijuana possession. He entered a guilty plea in October and avoided jail time.

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