What does a former Major League Baseball Player do in his spare time? Well one such player still dons a uniform, but on a slightly smaller scale and hits the diamond ready to play. Former Minnesota Twin Corey Koskie is part of the Loretto Larks Baseball team which is part of the North Star League. Both of his sons play on the team as well.

Loretto Minnesota is part of Hennepin County but the city itself population # 650  is way West of Plymouth MN. One thing is for sure is that they take their baseball very seriously. According to Bring Me The News: " Koskie slugged 101 home runs during seven seasons with the Twins from 1998 to 2004, later playing with the Blue Jays and Brewers before concussions put an end to his MLB career in 2006."

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Koskie played third base during his MLB career batting left and both of his sons Bradley and Joshua who are also on the team bat left as well. How great that not only is Koskie able to still play the sport he loves so much, but both of his sons are not only following in his footsteps they all get to play together on the same team.

As seen below at 48 years old Corey has not lost his touch as he hammers the ball over the fence of the right field wall. I love how at the end of the video you can hear someone say "somebody go grab that ball." Who knows it could be worth something, or if nothing else Corey can hold on to it as more home run memorabilia.

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