Looks like West Duluth could be the home for more entertainment in the city as the new owner hopes to breathe new life into the old theater.

Bob Boone, editor and publisher of the Duluth Reader, has purchased the building in hopes to renovate it and have open for next year. The West Theater opened in December 25, 1937 and closed for good in the early 80's. The building also housed a quilt shop and a screen printing business.

My dad grew up in the neighborhood and loved going to this theater. He told me there were days where just spent the entire day watching movies and it helped him fall in love with the cinematic culture. He would go to a movie every weekend, a tradition he still carries on to this day (obviously he goes to other theaters now).

As a West Duluth resident myself, I love that someone wants to renovate the building and bring back some entertainment to the western part of the city. Boone hopes to create a place for community concerts and recitals, and an art gallery ready by next fall. Let me know what you think about the possible Arts Center in the comments and check out the news segment below.

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