One gust of wind, and the summer-like temperatures we were enjoying disappeared Wednesday afternoon. Much of the area saw temperatures in the 80s Wednesday afternoon, with the official reading at the Duluth International Airport actually breaking a record for today (88 degrees). Then things changed at the gust of a wind.

Around 5:30 this afternoon, a gust of wind whipped up (seen in the video above), bringing in colder air off Lake Superior and blowing dust around off the giant piles of materials near the Blatnik Bridge. In minutes, temperatures dropped 20-30 degrees for people below the hill in Duluth and in Superior. Readings from personal weather stations that are part of Weather Underground's network showed the following drops:

  • North End Superior: 88 degrees at 5:43 pm - 49 degrees at 6:04 (-39 degrees in 19 minutes) 
  • Heritage Park in Superior: 86 degrees at 5:46 pm - 52 degrees at 6:16 pm (-34 degrees in 30 minutes)
  • Glensheen in Duluth: 87 degrees at 5:30 - 54 degrees at 5:50 (-33 degrees in 20 minutes)
  • East Duluth: 87 degrees at 5:34 pm - 58 degrees at 6:04 pm (-29 degrees in 30 minutes)
  • Upper Lincoln Park in Duluth: 89 degrees at 5:39 pm - 61 degrees at 6:10 pm (-28 degrees in 31 minutes)
  • Proctor: 85 degrees at 5:49 pm - 62 degrees at 6:20 (-23 degrees in 31 minutes)

For the record, average temperatures for today are in the 60s, so Mother Nature must have decided we needed to be brought back to reality after a hot May day.

While that wind made things uncomfortable for many, it made things downright scary for those aboard a sailboat near the Aerial Lift Bridge. The gusty winds pushed this sailboat right into the bridge, as seen in the video below.

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