Following their smash performance at the MTV Movie Awards, Fun. delivers a strong video for ‘Some Nights,’ the second single off of their sophomore album of the same name. The video, directed by Anthony Mandler, is set during the Civil War, and starts off with a moment of intimacy between two young adults that is interrupted by battle.

After we see both the north and south engage in pre-wartime speeches, ones set to inspire hope in each side, the battle commences. Gunshots are fired behind the song, showing us a uniquely composed tune that holds deep, worrisome lyrics accompanied by an uplifting rhythm.

With the two sides marching towards one another, drawing guns and swords, and commencing battle— shooting or stabbing anything that attempts to get in the way of their version of freedom — the message given to us by Fun. is a heavy one. In watching the video it’s almost as if the band is screaming out, crying for us all to listen to them: “What do I stand for?” becomes infinitely more poignant.

Ironically, the video is anything but ‘Fun.,’ however, what it does display is that the disasters, casualties and calamities of war throughout any period in time are sad and unfortunate. Fun.’s choice to pursue a mini movie of this nature is a bold statement for the band, but a great one nonetheless.

We think they’ve got our attention.

Watch The Fun. ‘Some Nights’ Video