According to City Pages a source close to the situation said he received a copy of the video below from a friend who works at the store. Apparently when this guys friend came in to work the next morning he had a huge mess to clean up.

The worker went through the security footage to see if the now ex-employee was the one to make the mess, but it looks like it was a ghost that does not seem to have very good manners.

Check out the left side of the screen you see a few bags of chips being knocked on the floor, the ex-employee ran out right after the first bag was knocked down. Also on the left side of the screen you will notice the door to the refrigerator opening and closing on it's own. I have watched this a couple times and towards the end you also see on the left hand side of the screen what seems like a shadow running in front of the camera and down the aisle.

I for one don't blame that guy one bit for up and quitting that night, I would have been scared to death too if I would see this in person, but that's just me. I do believe in this kind of stuff and it is creepy!

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