This little girl knows no fear.

When some goons broke into a shop in Auckland, New Zealand, six-year-old Sarah Patel rushed toward one of the robbers, who happened to be armed with an ax and was attacking one of the employees.

When Sarah realized the man had the ax, she immediately darted the other way.

She says she wasn't scared, but the impact of the incident is already taking its toll. Her mother said she's taking medication to alleviate the stress she feels. "The whole incident is not only disturbing mentally it's also too much disturbance in the life," she said. "She couldn't sleep last night, got a bit of nausea and anxiety."

Five people, all teens, were arrested for their role in the robbery (they stole cell phones and damaged some cabinets), although a sixth person was involved in the break-in, as well. One employee was hurt.

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