Thirteen year old Jaequan Faulkner is getting national attention for his hard work and dedication to try and run his own little business. Jaequan started selling hot dogs back in 2016 out of his Uncle's basement, but this summer he set up a tent in his front yard to sell them. Jaequan initially was trying to raise money to get clothes for school when someone had reported him to the police and instead of issuing him a ticket they reached out to the Minneapolis Department of Health for help. And that they did.

The health inspectors met with Jaequan and helped him get things set up for food safety and they even pitched in to pay the $87 for his permit. Jaequan has also been meeting with the  Northside Economic Opportunity Network, that has helped give him some business pointers.

What started out as a good kid trying to find a way to make some money has turned into a full blown business which he calls “Mr. Faulkner’s Old-Fashioned Hot Dogs.” . He now works four hours a day M-F from 11-3p and has his sites set on what's next. With news of his hot dog stand getting nationwide attention, it only makes sense that the weinermobile would stop by to help as well.

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