It was a very special day on Tuesday (May 4th), especially for those that love the Star Wars movies. Why? Because it was Star Wars Day of course.

The day is celebrated each fourth of May, hence the phrase "may the fourth be with you" that you've probably seen and heard a hundred times! Many decided to celebrate, especially those that love the movies, and that includes one of our own iconic buildings here in the Twin Ports!

The Glensheen decided to take advantage of the fun holiday and go to the dark side, as they say. They posted a hilarious photo on their Facebook page early in the day.

In the photo, storm troopers are seen guarding the Glensheen - twenty-two of them to be exact! To be honest, I am really impressed with their photoshopping skills! Ha! Take a look at the photo below:

The caption was also a huge win. The caption accompanying the photo says that after a visitor earlier in the morning, they weren't "taking any chances" with anything. We have to say, the force is very strong with this entire photo and joke in general. I love it!

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The Glensheen wasn't the only business to have a little fun on Star Wars Day. Both the Minnesota and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation had a little fun as well! They got very creative with their signage for the day, offering up Star Wars puns galore. We appreciate the creativity!

Here's a real question: does loving Baby Yoda make me a Star Wars fan? Ha! Either way, I hope the fourth was with you on Tuesday.

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