All I can say is I guess I need to move out of Minnesota because I am a die hard fan of jellybeans, and I will not eat a black jellybean.  If I accidentally eat one I will spit it out on the spot.

As a matter of fact, If you happen to grab an empty bag of jellybeans that I had eaten, you may find a few black licorice ones in there that I did not throw out yet, I will just toss them back in the bag.

According to Minnesota falls right in with the rest of the country as black licorice is the #1 flavor nationwide. What?  Here is a rundown of a few other choice ones:

  • ILLINOIS-CHOCOLATE  ** Whoever has heard of a chocolate jellybean?

I am a traditionalist when it comes to jellybeans, I only like Brachs Jellybird eggs which come in fruit flavors only, I don't get into the fancy ones. But, I still refuse to eat the licorice flavored.

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