Go ahead, Morgan Spurlock. Just tear our hearts out and stomp all over them. We'll just be over here sobbing through the pain.

Spurlock, the director of the One Direction documentary, This Is Us, was caught by the ever-watchful eye of TMZ over the weekend, saying things like how he believes Harry Styles will be the next one to leave the band and how Zayn Malik is the most talented of the group. THE FEELS.

"I think they'll stay together for a little while. I think they'll stay together for a little bit longer," he said of the future of the foursome that is now 1D. "And then I think at some point, Harry will probably leave — he'll probably be next."

So where does that leave the rest of One Direction?

"And then I think that Niall, and Louis… and uh… I think the three of those guys will become the Bell Biv Devo," the director joked, referring to the three remaining members of the group New Edition who then formed a new band. (Also, crying forever that he couldn't recall Liam's name.)

Still, Morgan Spurlock admits he was bummed when Zayn left the band.

"I think all of those guys together are fantastic. They had something really special together," he revealed. Still, he repeated multiple times how he couldn't fault Zayn for quitting the band.

"I think Zayn's probably the most talented guy in that group. He's an incredible singer," the director said. " … To make the decision to leave and go off on your own. To chase kind of a solo career in the midst of being as famous as you are, as successful as you are, you can't fault somebody for that."

While we know that One Direction won't last forever, we're still not ready to say goodbye to the group for good, so Morgan Spurlock's comments are just making us even sadder. At least Simon Cowell says that the band's next album will be their best yet.

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