Sarahah is an anonymous messaging app and it is taking the mobile phone world by storm as it is currently the number 1 most downloaded app. 

Once you share your profile with people you can start getting feedback anonymously. Maybe this is a good way to criticize your co-workers without them knowing it's you. According to Android Authority, the app blew up because users have the ability to share their profile via Snapchat.

While this seems like a great idea, there are also some negative side effects. This app could be the newest craze for cyber-bullying and as a parent, that doesn't sit well with me. Since the app has anonymity, it allows users to say whatever they want and no one will know who said it. So proceed with caution while using this app.

Sarahah is available for both iOS and Android users. I've decided to give the app a try and downloaded it. My username is ianredmond and feel free to send me an anonymous message. Apparently you don't need an app to send a message either!

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