A new Duluth flag redesign project will be introduced during a City Session at City Hall this week. You can submit your design online or in person and there will be some important dates along the way.

According to the city's website, municipal flags are often one of the most overlooked elements of civic-design and community togetherness. City flags frequently fall short when charged with the task of being an active symbol for an entire community.

I'm going to be honest, I couldn't even tell you what Duluth's current flag looks like. The flag has a city corporate seal on a blue cross with a white border and a green background. Nothing really scrams out "Duluth", unless you read into the colors. The green could be our beautiful landscape with trees and endless trails. White would easily be the snow we get half of the year. I may going on a limb with the blue, maybe Lake Superior? See the current flag here.

The open call submission starts Wednesday January 29th and will go through March 29th. The showcase event will happen in May, and online voting will go from May 8th - June 7th. The flag committee will take the online voting in consideration and make a final decision on June 21st, with a flag raising event to be held in August.

Start coming up with ideas now. Who knows, maybe your design will be our new flag.

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