Christmas is upon us and soon enough, Santa Claus will be headed our way with his troop of trusty reindeer!

As we get older, sadly, our belief in Santa dwindles. Online site did a study on this matter, calculating the average age residents of each state stop believing in Santa.

To get the average age, the site surveyed about 4,500 Americans, asking them if they ever believed in Mr. Claus and if they did, the age at which they stopped believing.

Sadly, in Minnesota, we stop believing around age nine. In Wisconsin, residents stop believing in Santa just before they turn eight. Sad!!

The study also focuses on whether or not residents ever believed in Santa in the first place. Six percent of Minnesotans apparently never believed in him but Wisconsin definitely has a soft spot for the icon - only about one percent of residents doubted he was ever real.

I wonder if that puts Minnesotans on the naughty list? The good news is, comparing Minnesota and Wisconsin to the rest of the country, we held out on our belief a lot longer. Most other states stopped believing younger.

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