For 11 years Brett and Amanda DeFoe have set up a holiday light display in Superior to welcome visitors to enjoy as a walk-through experience.

Their Facebook page says the display opens at 5 and stays open till 10, and is located at 2101 E 3rd Street in Superior. Christmas music plays while people walk through with their families and enjoy over 20,000 lights, old school blow molds, handmade decorations, blow-ups, and even includes a view of Santa on the weekends in his workshop waving at kids as they visit. The cool part is the kids can bring a letter to Santa and leave it there for him, and he will really answer if the kids put their addresses in the envelope.

The mailbox is express mail straight to Santa himself who answers every single letter, but the kids have to get it there by December 18th to give time for Santa to answer the letter for Christmas. In years past, there would be cookies, cocoa, and little gifts for the kids, but because of COVID-19, there had to be a few changes this year.

I talked with Brett DeFoe, who said when they started 11 years ago there were only a few things, like candy canes and lights. Brett says both he and his wife grew up with parents who always wanted to make Christmas special for everyone, so that was the goal for this display.

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The first year Santa started getting letters 3 years ago. Brett said Santa received a letter from a child, in which he asked only for a winter coat for his dad. This pulled at Santa's heartstrings. Brett said that's why Santa wanted to hand out gifts so that every child, no matter what their household income, could open a gift. Santa is trying to socially distance this year but hopes to get back to normal again next year.

furnished photo by Brad DeFoe
furnished photo by Brad DeFoe

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