Are you looking for a bar that's open during the Christmas holiday? We've done the work for you and found some places that are open. Some are open just limited hours on Christmas Eve, while some are actually open on the day itself.


  • 1

    Average Joe's Pub

    Superior's new Average Joe's Pub has just opened with their Grand Opening on Friday December 21st. They will be open Christmas Eve from 2-8pm, and again on Christmas Day from 6pm-2am.

  • 2

    The Other Place Bar & Grill

    The OP is open until 9pm on Christmas Eve, but due to state law, they are only allowed to serve alcohol until 8pm. They are open Christmas day starting at 4pm.

  • 3

    7 West Tap House (HILL)

    7 West Tap House is open until 3pm on Christmas Eve, and closed on Christmas Day.

  • 4

    Foster's Sports Bar & Grill

    Friendly Fosters is open on Christmas Eve from 11am-6pm, and then closed on Christmas Day

  • 5

    The Beacon Sports Bar

    The Beacon is open from 11-5 on Christmas Eve, and closed on Christmas Day.

  • 6

    The Reef

    The Reef on London Road is open until 6pm on Christmas Eve. They will begin serving and be open again on Christmas Day night.

  • 7

    Keyport Lounge

    The Keyport closes early on Christmas Eve at 6pm, but they have regular hours for Christmas Day. The kitchen will be closed on Christmas Day, however.

  • 8

    R T Quinlan's Saloon

    RT's closes at 8pm on Christmas Eve, and open their doors again at 10am on Christmas Day.

  • 9

    Belknap Lounge

    The Belknap lounge in Superior has no changes to it's hours. Open regular hours on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

  • 10

    Billy's Bar

    Billy's will be open on Christmas Eve, but closed on Christmas Day.

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