The drink was removed from the McDonald's menu in 2017, since then fans have been asking for it to return.

Well, today is your lucky day! McDonald's announced today that after a menu team meeting at the corporate office, they've decided to bring Hi-C Orange Lavaburst back as a regular soft drink option on the menu.

Some stores will start getting the Hi-C starting on February 15th and all participating McDonald's will have the orange drink by June. McDonald's has even set up a website so you can track when the Hi-C is available in the Twin Ports, they say to check back weekly for new locations.

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Fans have tweeted, started petitions, and bombarded McDonald's social media accounts for the return of the beverage, asked about the win, the social media manager for McDonald's said, "WE DID IT! sure, i created the v impressive Hi-C® Orange Lavaburst presentation for my boss, but i couldn't have done it without u all, the real MVPs! ur fandom over the years, countless tweets and even IRL petitions are what brought Hi-C back."

Twitter is blowing up with the excitement on the return of Hi-C, and of course asking for the return of other missed menu items like snack wraps, buttermilk chicken sandwich or the mighty wings, and my personal favorite the McDonaldLand Cookies that came in the box with the string handle.

Hi-C first joined the McDonald's menu in 1955 and stayed there until 2017, Hi-C isn't the only orange-flavored drink on the menu, McDonald's also offers the carbonated Fanta Orange beverage.

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