Duluth's Homegrown Music Festival is underway virtually this year's celebration of local music.

The festival started yesterday, and you'll be able to check out some great live shows all week, the festival wraps up on Sunday, May 9th. To watch any of the shows, just visit the Homegrown Music Festival live stream, you can find it here.

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Here are some daily highlights for this year's Homegrown Music Festival:

  • Monday, May 3rd
    • Homegrown Poetry Showcase at 7 PM
    • Homegrown Video Showcases at 8 PM
  • Tuesday, May 4th
    • Embassy DJs and the Crunchy Bunch at 7 PM
  • Wednesday, May 5th
    • Starting at 7 PM you can enjoy a reply of the Winter Fiasco concert. You'll see performances from Mary Bue, the Slamming Doors, Hannah Rey, Jen West and Monster Mob.
  • Thursday, May 6th
    • SoupB4Soup will feature live performances from Aurora Baer at 6 PM, Alex Hecker and Ryann Daisy Swimmer at 7 PM and New Salty Dog at 8 PM.
  • Friday, May 7th
    • Starting at 7 PM you can catch what you may have missed earlier in the week with the first 3 hours of 2021 artist performances.
  • Saturday, May 8th
    • At 7 PM the Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra will wrap up its season with a show called, 'From Beethoven to Milhaud' which will feature pieces from Mozart, Beethoven, Milad Yousufi, Osvaldo Golijov, and Darius Milhaud.
    • At 9 PM you can catch the second half of the 2021 artist performances.
  • Sunday, May 9th
    • Charlie Parr performs from Duluth Cider in a pre-recorded show at 1 PM
    • Watch all the weeks performances starting a 2:30 PM with the 2021 Performances Encore.

You can see the entire schedule here.

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