I was driving along Catlin Avenue in North End Superior just the other day when I noticed a new business. I was unsure how long that business had actually been there, so I did a little research and talked to the owner. It turns out this is a really cool hometown success story with a young entrepreneur growing his business.

The place is Detail & Dash, owned by Zach Tharge. Zach is a Superior, Wisconsin Native, and High School Grad. Zach started the business from scratch as a side gig in college. He first offered mobile car detailing, where he would come to you and detail your car. He literally started the business just driving to people's homes in his Chevy Impala. It was his source of income while he was pursuing a nursing degree. Soon though, the business started to grow fast and he made the decision to do it full time.

Zach Tharge
Zach Tharge

Detail & Dash then set up a one-bay physical location in Superior's South End. That turned out to be not enough space as the business grew, so in November of 2021, he moved the business to its current location on the corner of Winter Street and Catlin Avenue in Superior. Now they have 3 bays for detailing vehicles. They still offer mobile detailing, and they also offer to pick up and drop off your vehicle when they are done detailing.

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What started as a business out of the trunk of his Chevy Impala has now grown into a location that during the busy time of year employs ten detailers.

They offer interior and exterior detailing packages. They'll shampoo seats and carpets. They specialize in stain removal too and can clean leather seats. They'll even detail your RV, motorcycle, boat, or ATV.

Detail & Dash is located at 701 Winter Street in Superior.

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