If you're looking for a fun place for a staycation, or a unique place for a Duluth getaway weekend, look no further than this massive downtown rental loft.

This giant loft space is located just a block from the radio station, and I never knew it. Located above Legacy Glassworks, this 4,000 square foot VRBO rental has many fun amenities, including a private hot tub, and a 3-year-old live-in Iguana named blue, not joking.

This rental is located in a great spot with access to lots of great Duluth attractions, bars, restaurants, and more. This highly reviewed rental, 4.8 out of 5 stars, averages about $792 per night.

The loft does sleep 8, so there is plenty of room to split the stay among friends or have an approved event if you're looking for a unique spot.

Must See HUGE Downtown Duluth Rental Loft

This HUGE rental loft is located in the heart of Downtown Duluth, and it offers some unique amenities that you typically don't see, including a pet Iguana.

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