Ice fishing is a lot more enjoyable when you have the right gear. Long gone are the days of sitting on a bucket freezing your pants off. A lot of the stuff you can buy for ice fishing is super expensive. From fish finders, to fancy lithium powered augers, to $1,000 pro sled shelters. But, let's look at the other end of the price point. Here's some pretty cool gadgets you can get for really cheap, whether they are for yourself or a gift for a friend.

Frabill Retractable Ice Picks

When you fall through the ice, the hardest part about saving your life and getting out is getting a grip on the wet ice.  These are cheap and they float. Hang them around your neck for that sense of security.

Plano 5 Gallon Bucket Topper Organizer

A 5 gallon bucket is still one of the most important tools for ice fishing. This helps you enjoy it even more with a handy top organizer. No more digging through your tackle box. Everything is right there on top!

Eskimo Bucket Caddy

Or, you could go this route. The bucket caddy has all sorts of pockets and storage to make accessing your gear even easier!

Hooke-Eze Fishing Hook Knot Tying Tool

The first time I saw one of these, I didn't think much of it. Who can't tie their own knot? But then, when your hands are cold or you are tying a bunch of hooks for the kids fishing with you, it comes in pretty handy.


These are a must have if you are on the ice! Seriously, there is no worry about slipping or falling. If you are dragging a sled with gear out on the ice, this will give you plenty of traction. Even if the ice gets wet these things give you grip! You can even jog on ice. They are one of the best purchases I have ever made for the winter. I even wear them on icy sidewalks.

Telescopic Ice Scoop

Remember when you had to get on your hands and knees to scoop ice out of the hole? Your pants would get wet, your back would hurt. Not anymore! These long ice skimmers are the way to go. They are definitely worth the $15!

Handwarmer Phone Charger

I haven't tried out one of these yet, but they definitely solve two of the modern day problems we have with ice fishing. First you can of course get cold hands. Secondly though, is your phone seems to always die when you are out ice fishing. This solves both problems!

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