Duluth and surrounding areas have had accolades pouring in for being a top outdoor city, but for locals and tourists alike renting some equipment may pose some hazards.

We all know how short summer is in this area and for many people you want to get the most out of a nice day. For some this may mean venturing out onto one of the area lakes. But what If you don't own a paddle board or canoe, you may have to rent one. Many business in the area have them for rent, but how do you as a consumer know which ones are legit?

According to a new report from WDIO, the city has realized that some of these vendors are not registered with the city and also may not be carrying the legal Insurance policy they need to provide. Unfortunately for the city it is hard to catch them and also decipher If the equipment someone is using is actually their own.

The city of Duluth is also missing out on lost funds that could have been collected if they went through the proper channels to get a business license through the city. As a consumer at this point it is up to you to do your own investigating as best you can to make sure that this is a legitimate rental operation, which would also be hard to do on your own.

If possible reach out to friends family and co-workers for advice on what vendors they may have used, this way the legitimate vendors will get the business they deserve by following the law and keeping consumers safe.