The paranormal has always interested me and I love hearing stories about the unknown and the hard to explain.

There's a few known haunted places in the Duluth area from Glensheen, where some say is Minnesota's most haunted building to the William A. Irvin where I experienced a crazy unexplainable event during an EVP session. I also had the chance to walk through Nopeming Sanatorium once, and that place had a strong feeling to it while walking through. Our friend Chris Allen might even have some evidence on camera from Nopeming.

So what's the most haunted place in Minnesota? A lot of people say it's the Palmer House Hotel located in Sauk Centre, Minnesota (about a three hour drive from Duluth). It was even featured on a spooky Travel Channel show called 'Hotel Paranormal'.

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According to their website, the town's first hotel called 'the old Sauk Center House' burned to the ground in 1900. The following year the Palmer House Hotel was built. The hotel has kept updated throughout the years and the price per night varies depending on the room. From an economy room starting at $79 a night to a double jacuzzi suite starting at $195 a night.

Haunting Season via YouTube
Haunting Season via YouTube

There is a Palmer Haunt option that is described as:

The Palmer House attracts those curious about the old hotel for a number of reasons…  Explore The Palmer Haunt to learn more about the history and happenings of yesteryear, and get some insight from the experts on the paranormal past of The Palmer House Hotel.

There has been many reports of the Supernatural in the Palmer House including: guests and staff hearing disembodied voices, feeling rapid temperature shifts, and doors slamming shut on their own. There has even been reports of the sound of a child bouncing a ball or running in the hallway.

Haunting Season posted a video of their experience in the Hotel. Haunting Season is a  a weekly storytelling podcast about life and the afterlife. Check out the video below:

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