I frequent the Greenwood Cemetery located on Rice Lake Road in Duluth. I posted a story in October, that featured audio of spirits giving direct answers to my questions. This included spirits saying hi to me and clearly saying my name, but I also captured something else that day.

During this visit to Greenwood Cemetery, not only was I able to record what appears to be spirits speaking to me, but as I looked back through some thermal pictures, I found what may be a spirit or ghost.

It was a sunny August day in 2020.  It was during the time that we were working from home, social distancing, and many things were closed. I tried to get outside when possible and do some investigating at cemeteries. I went to Greenwood Cemetery that day. So little is known of the place, but I had just purchased a thermal camera and was using it that day,

Chris Allen

There are a couple of interesting areas at the cemetery. I had done some recordings while I sat on a cement bench. I felt I had captured some things on the recordings of my Echovox. The Echovox is called theory equipment. It hasn't been proven that it works, but I get results that I can verify a lot of the time. I don't discover what I have until later when I listen back to the recordings

The Echovox uses reverb that picks up voices underneath the other voices. It's a lot like a Spirt Box but it uses the reverb to pick up voices you might not hear otherwise. So, I sat down and did a session of the recorder, and did get some spirits. I decided to pull out my thermal camera to see if I could get a picture of a spirit by the bench because I had some luck capturing voices.


I took out my phone and took some pictures of the area so I had some control pics. Then I pulled out the thermal camera to see if it would show me any spirits who left cold spots or some odd things around where I was recording.


I did have some odd things happen other times I had been there, such as the keys disappearing from my bag. I found them several feet away in the cracks of cement blocks. One time a friend of mine joined me and their car alarm started to beep like someone was breaking into it.

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On the visit that I made some recordings and took some pictures, I was there alone. I want to make that clear so that when you look at this picture that I will show you, you will know there is nobody there with me. I am the only one there that day.

I took some pictures around the area after taking control pictures like the ones above in order to have something to refer to and cross-reference. I took the thermals and didn't look at them for two years, I didn't think I had anything.


In the first one, to me, it looks like some spirits creeping into the picture. As you can tell the red is warm and the blue is cold. It looks like cold people at the bottom of the picture.


In the second one taken before the first one, you can see more developed cold spots looking like people. It's in an area that I get uneasy feelings in and a psychic person I took up there said they felt like people were reaching up from the ground.


In this one, there is a small heat stamp next to the memorial. There seem to be many cold areas around it, What could these be. This area does get sun and the red area is 58 degrees.


In this picture, the heat has moved around the memorial, still, some "people" looking cold spots. The temperature is 58 at the memorial, but 66 around me.

A couple of weeks ago, I was refreshing batteries and making sure all my equipment was in working condition for another investigation I was going on. I noticed the thermal camera had a memory card in it. I wanted to take the card out so I could check and see if the pictures I took were still on there.

I loaded the mini-SD card into my computer and looked at the pictures, but didn't notice much at first. The bench where I had been sitting was red, from the sun showing on it. Everything behind the bench was blue, which was odd because it was a warm day and the sun had shown down on the grass.

I noticed little things like what I spoke about above. I was about to fine more.


I started going through each picture; blowing them up to look closer to see if I had captured anything on camera. I saw the heat in the middle of cold around where a bench and memorial are located. It is odd that it was in a place the sun wasn't. When I got to the picture of the bench, I did a close-up on each part of the picture and found something.

Just above the bench, to the right of the thermometer box, is a spirit. My jaw dropped when I found it. I wasn't sure what I was looking at, so I sent it to friends and the Duluth Paranormal Society.  They saw what I was seeing.

attachment-Ghost Side By Side

These pictures were taken on the same day. As you can see there is no one there on the left, but on the right, there is clearly someone walking or standing.  You can imagine my surprise when I saw it. I sent it out to friends hoping they would see it too.

What do you see there? I see a figure, it looks like shorts, and I'm not sure it's a man or woman. That picture on the right was taken mere minutes from the one on the left. I think I have something, but I wanted to share to see if others saw what I did.

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