For those who don't know, I am a graduate of Bemidji State University - home of the mighty Beavers. On a few different occasions during the morning show, I've talked about how students at BSU would use Lake Bemidji as a parking lot when they were heading to class. Every time I've told stories about this, people don't believe me - even people who grew up in the region. Finally, I can say I have proof!

A current student at BSU tweeted a photo this morning, showing at least 20 vehicles parked just off the shoreline of Lake Bemidji on what looks like the south end of campus. The BSU campus spans a sizable chunk of the southwestern shoreline of Lake Bemidji, making the campus a beautiful location for those who love the outdoors and enjoy having access to a lake for year-round recreation. It also makes parking on the lake convenient, sometimes even more convenient than using the traditional parking lots around campus.

I never personally took advantage of the lake as a parking space, but I remember seeing 100 vehicles or more lined up in parking lot fashion along the shoreline several times through the winter. Some students would even arrange for paths to be plowed on the ice to make using the "parking lot" even easier.

While the campus doesn't condone this due to the inherent danger of vehicles falling through the ice, getting stuck, or leaking vehicle fluids dripping onto the ice, that doesn't stop students from doing it every winter. I suppose it is one of the unique things about BSU that not many college campuses can say is a possibility.

Here you go, your proof! Shoutout to @jonnaoconnor for the photo.


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