I may be in the minority, but I love candy corn, I also joke that as someone that grew up in Wisconsin, I was raised on bratwursts and probably even gnawed on one as a baby in place of a teething ring. Growing up outside of Milwaukee, brats were a staple in our house all year long, but honestly the thought of mixing the two together honestly makes me nauseous.

I understand the argument of salty and sweet and I agree that can be delicious like chocolate covered pretzels, for example. When it comes to brats, I do not want to eat any of them that are sweet tasting. But, two butchers in Madison, WI obviously thought otherwise as they decided to mix the two and it has become a huge hit they have dubbed the "Spooktoberfest Brat."

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They work at Jenifer Street Market have done the unthinkable, marrying the super-sugary candy with bratwursts.  Justin Strassman was on the Today Show and said:

It's just your traditional brat. But we use an Oktoberfest beer in there, so there's that caramel sweetness. We usually make the traditional brat, and we thought to change it up with candy corn.

In early October a simple trip to the grocery store was their inspiration and what a trip that has turned out to be, they are selling twice as fast as any of there other brats. Each batch turns out about 120 brats which is comprised of 25 pounds of meat, three cans of beer and two bags of candy corn.  Apparently the casing of the brat is the key to keeping the candy corn intact. As you can see in the picture below you can actually see the full piece of candy inside the brat. To me it looks like some kind of alien peeking out at you. I say bravo guys for thinking outside the brat (ha ha) but this would be a hard pass from me.

Jenifer Street Market on Facebook
Jenifer Street Market on Facebook

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