People are itching to get out of the house and get on those lakes for some ice fishing. With restaurants and bars combined with a fall cooped up in the house, this is going to be a big year for ice fishing. It's going to have to wait for some time though in southern areas of the state, as lakes are taking their time freezing up. While we had an early stretch of cold weather this fall, the 17th hottest on record November has definitely kept the majority of lakes in the state open longer than most years.

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According to MPR, many lakes are delayed in the metro area. Up North here we do have some lakes that are iced in. I have a friend who lives on Lake Vermilion who says the lake is mostly in as of December 4th, but definitely not safe in areas. Smaller lakes on the iron range generally are iced in with potentially enough ice to walk on. Remember, no ice is safe ice. I've been talking with some people in the metro area of the Twin Cities. Some lakes are iced in, others still are not there. Very sketchy ice at best.

Typically in the Duluth area we see ice in on inland lakes around Thanksgiving. There usually is walkable ice in early December, but this year could be different depending on which part of the area your lake is located.

The extended forecast isn't very cold. In the Twin Cities they are looking at daytime highs reaching 40 degrees for the next 5 days. In Northern Minnesota near the Twin Ports and inland, highs will be just above freezing during the day in the mid 30s.

Remember this year to check the ice, and not your calendar for when it's safe to go out, as this has been a mild start.

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