For most of my life, I never believed in Bigfoot or Sasquatch or any type of cryptid. In the last few years, I've actually started to wonder if there could be something to it. Why? It's because of hunters I know who swear they've had an encounter.

Last week someone sent me a howl that was recorded in a video near Saginaw, Minnesota. It's a chilling, deep howl that sounds unlike any animal I've heard out there. Some say it could have been a bear, but this was when it was -20F in February. The bears should still have been hibernating.

After sharing that video, I had multiple people reach out with their own stories and encounters. One of them is my friend Tyler, who I've known for many years. He told us a story during our show and you could actually see him get goosebumps as he recalled what happened.

He was grouse hunting in the woods near Solon Springs, Wisconsin. It's in the Northwest area of the state. He had finished up his college classes for the day and went out in the afternoon to go bird hunting.

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He remembers it well. It was the first week of October. It was nice weather, and the leaves really hadn't started to fall yet from the trees. He had gotten a tip about some good grouse hunting on a logging road, so Tyler went out to try that spot.

Photo by Artur Łuczka on Unsplash
Photo by Artur Łuczka on Unsplash

He walked about 100 yards out on the trail when he encountered a "nasty, rotten, mangey smell" that caught him off guard. He thought maybe there was a dead animal carcass near him. He walked a few more steps and came around the corner and he heard an incredible scream. Tyler describes it as the most blood-curdling, banshee, high scream he's ever heard in his entire life. He froze in his tracks.

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Tyler was able to see through the slats of the popple trees to his right and saw something tall, brown, and hairy. It took off thumping through the woods walking upright on two feet. It was breaking twigs and branches as it went off.

Tyler turned around and ran out of the woods, he threw his gun in the truck and peeled out of there. He hasn't been to that location since it happened 29 years ago.

What was so compelling about his story is that he remembers every little detail. I also saw goosebumps on his arm when he was talking about it. That's not something you can fake.

It does sound like a classic bigfoot sighting by a hunter.

What do you think? Could it be real? Listen to the segment in our on-demand podcast and decide if you think it's authentic. I totally believe Tyler saw what he did. Was it Bigfoot or something else? That's why the legend of Bigfoot continues.

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