As a kid, I grew up on a small hobby farm in central Minnesota. We had a couple cows, some chickens, a couple of pigs in the summer, and some farm land we worked for hay and corn for the animals. Alternatively, Jeanne grew up in a Milwaukee suburb at the end of a cul-de-sac.

While I often disliked it as a kid, I grew to appreciate the experiences I got on the farm. Sure, driving tractors was fun, but various other aspects of being on a farm are rewarding. Yes, even if they are hard (or dirty, smelly, etc.) work.

Jeanne, being the good sport she is, decided to try her hand at some of the hard work it takes to keep a farm going. One of our coworkers has parents with a family farm south of the Twin Ports area, and they extended a warm welcome to Jeanne and I to spend the day helping out.

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In assessing what sort of tasks we might be helping out with, I smirked about some of the things Jeanne would get to try for the first time ever. The members of the family that own the farm also got a kick out of Jeanne diving into helping out with some of the chores they had for the day we visited.

We got lots of footage on our visit to the farm, so we broke it down into three separate videos, which you'll find below. Give 'em a watch and enjoy a couple laughs at our expense!

Watch Jeanne & Cooper on the Farm - Episode 1

Watch Jeanne & Cooper on the Farm - Episode 2

Watch Jeanne & Cooper on the Farm - Episode 3

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