Like many homeowners you always find this and that to be updated or repaired, unless you are lucky enough to have a brand new house or was move in ready.

For the last 3 months we have been living in a heap of a mess on and off, as we had 2 major home improvements done, and 1 being done right now our home. We had our bathroom updated and are now ecstatic with the end result, but having only 1 bathroom proved to be quite the test. Having to shower at the gym or using the gas station bathroom was not super fun, but we survived.

Now the major project going on is our kitchen  which is almost completely gutted. For the most part everything is going right except for a hidden pipe in a wall we do not want, and having to buy a smaller fridge because of it. But, we have gotten used to not having a stove and our fridge in the living room, I keep telling myself this to shall pass!

Here are some tips I find myself using daily to make it through:

1.) Keep a sense of humor and know it is temporary!

2.) Don't sweat the dust and dirt everywhere, if you clean it will be a mess an hour later.

3.) Try to organize your stuff before it gets stacked everywhere. It will be way easier to find each day.

4.) Put your keys, wallet etc. in the same place every day. With all the extra clutter things can get lost quickly.

5.) Be nice and patient with the people doing your remodeling. They are doing the best they can, and want to do a good job. Don't make them feel rushed or get in their business.

6.) Take your time when picking out the items you want, it is very expensive to remodel and you don't want to have to do it again down the road.

7.) Hold your spouse tight, and again try to laugh off the headaches and worry. This applies to daily life too, but remodeling can be stressful, don't take it out on your spouse or family.

8.) Try to keep your pets in a safe environment, they are afraid of the noise and commotion and people in and out. Plus the people doing the work will appreciate them out of the way too.

9.) Lastly, keep telling yourself how amazing everything will look when it is done! :)

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