We have lived in our house for almost 8 years, it is an older home and with that comes some updating, but boy it's a lot of work.

My fiance' and I decided that the time was right to update some things in our home, new windows, bathroom and even the kitchen. Yep we are pretty much tackling all of this around the same time. Now I can barely hammer in a nail straight, so I am not doing it, but trying to find the people to do it for you, within your budget was the first step.

We currently have replaced a few windows and loved them so much we are getting 6 more. Windows are not cheap, but the company we found was very competitive price wise and even helped us with installing a new front door, which is a much harder thing to install than many people realize.

Now on to the bathroom, the planning stage is done, and we went to the store last night to pick up the tile, bathtub etc. Who knew tiles were so heavy, holy man, glad we decided to have them delivered along with the tub. Did you know If you want a tub other than standard white it is a Special Order? Or that tubs come in so many sizes and shapes? Not me.

Then of course we need to get new fixtures for the shower and sink, and don't forget the new windows we are getting with that comes new blinds. Then we are meeting with the guy who is re-doing our kitchen next week to solidify the final plans for that. Oh it keeps coming, then since we have done all that we surely have to get our floors re-done and of course replace the old furniture.

I know that the end result will be amazing and we plan on staying in the house a while to enjoy it. Plus when we sell it of course this ups the resale value. So If you here me talking about the inconvenience, on the air, of having our house torn apart and the chaos all around us you have now been warned. :)