Justin Bieber and One Direction appear to be having an unspoken battle to see who can collect more tattoos lately. The lads of pop music keep racking 'em up. The Biebs shared a photo of his latest piece of ink: a pair of praying hands sitting on a bed of roses, etched on his ankle.

The 'Boyfriend' singer posted images of his latest tat, a black and grey piece, on Instagram. He simply captioned it: "Newtat."

It looks like a partial ankle sleeve, and the attention to detail is clearly visible. This is his most artistic and expansive tattoo, since it's portrait-like and large. Other sites are speculating that the tattoo is an add-on to his Jesus tat that he got earlier this year, though it's hard to say.

The Biebs has racked up quite a few tattoos as of late -- including a an owl, the word 'Believe,' a crown and a music symbol. He even had a little bit of a verbal sparring match with late night host David Letterman this summer over his vast body art collection. By some accounts -- actually, Beliebers commenting about it on Instagram -- Le Biebs has around 9 tattoos.

PopCrushers, what do you think of The Biebs' latest addition?

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