As it stands today, Justin Bieber is arguably the biggest pop star on the planet. It's no secret that this blond-haired, dancing Canadian export has dominated the airwaves since his debut in 2009 at the tender age of 14. Since Bieb's has grown up in the public eye and since he's become a larger-than-life, platinum-selling star, he's gotten to collaborate with some of the biggest names in music over the years with hip-hop being no exception.

Although his music is based in the pop world, JB frequently taps some of his famous rapper friends to collaborate on tracks. As a young protege of Usher, Bieber was working with acts like Ludacris since the time of his first album. Justin has joined forces with the likes of Travis Scott, Big Sean, Chance The Rapper and Drake, and in most cases, the rappers return the favor by hopping on a song with Justin for his projects.

Justin's latest chart-topper from the hip-hop world is DJ Khaled's No. 1 song "I'm the One." Biebs sings the hook on the track while Chance, Lil Wayne, Quavo and DJ Khaled each supply verses and ad-libs. With "I'mtThe One" being a certified smash hit and whispers of a Justin Bieber having a remix to Kendrick Lamar's "Humble" in the chamber, XXL went down memory lane to revisit some of the Bieb's best hip-hop collabs throughout the course of his career.

Check out which of the crooner's biggest hits got a boost from a rapper over the years.

  • 1


    Justin Bieber Featuring Ludacris
  • 2

    "Eenie Meanie"

    Justin Bieber Featuring Sean Kingston,
  • 3

    "Somebody to Love (Remix)"

    Justin Bieber Featuring Usher
  • 4

    "Drummer Boy"

    Justin Bieber Featuring Busta Rhymes
  • 5

    "Rich Girl"

    Soulja Boy Featuring Justin Bieber
  • 6

    "All Around the World"

    Justin Bieber Featuring Ludacris
  • 7

    "As Long As You Love Me"

    Justin Bieber Featuring Big Sean
  • 8

    "Right Here"

    Justin Bieber Featuring Drake
  • 9

    "Next to You"

    Chris Brown Featuring Justin Bieber
  • 10

    "Gas Pedal (Remix)"

    Sage The Gemini Featuring Justin Bieber and Iamsu
  • 11

    "Beauty and a Beat"

    Justin Bieber Featuring Nicki Minaj
  • 12

    "That Power" Featuring Justin Bieber
  • 13

    "No Pressure"

    Justin Bieber Featuring Big Sean
  • 14

    "Non Sense"

    Justin Bieber Featuring Travis Scott
  • 15

    "What's Hatnin'"

    Justin Bieber Featuring Future
  • 16


    Justin Bieber Featuring Lil Wayne
  • 17


    Justin Bieber Featuring Chance The Rapper
  • 18

    "Trust Issues (Remix)"

    Drake Featuring Justin Bieber and The Weeknd
  • 19

    "Deja Vu"

    Post Malone Featuring Justin Bieber
  • 20

    "Juke Jam"

    Chance The Rapper Featuring Justin Bieber and Towkio
  • 21

    "Wait a Minute"

    Tyga Featuring Justin Bieber
  • 22

    "One Dance (Remix)"

    Drake Featuring Justin Bieber
  • 23

    "Maria I'm Drunk"

    Travis Scott Featuring Justin Bieber and Young Thug
  • 24

    "I'm the One"

    DJ Khaled Featuring Justin Bieber, Chance The Rapper, Quavo and Lil Wayne

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