Kelly Clarkson made a stop in Green Bay this past Friday as part of her "A Minute and a Glass of Wine Tour"  and gave that audience a special treat. Kelly took the time to tell the audience about her first meeting with Lady Gaga. Now I am under the belief that both Kelly Clarkson and Lady Gaga seem like the most genuine celebrities you could ever meet. Both constantly talk about treating everyone as equals and being kind to one another.

According to this story from Kelly she talks about after the first time they met Lady Gaga actually sent her a handwritten note saying how nice it was to meet her. Such a simple gesture but in the world we live in today, it is pretty cool. So now on to the song Shallow, I actually like Kelly's version better and I think the reason why is because the original version with Gaga and Bradley Cooper sounds to twangy for me. But her version does not sound like that at all. This is the first time I have ever not been a big fan of a Lady Gaga song by the way, and I have always loved Kelly Clarkson, so now fingers crossed of a duet with the two of them.

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