In this world of instant news information flying around on Twitter, Reddit, and a variety of other online forums for social news, Kim and Kanye's little girl's name could be leaked before she wants to announce it. Who would do such a thing?

Information leaking, just like Kanye's entire album leaking over the weekend, is commonplace in the era of the Internet. Kim and Kanye are protecting the name of their little bundle of joy right now, with their camp only offering the first letter of the name (which happens to be 'K'). Odds are pretty likely the Kardashian Klan is protecting the name for some big exclusive announcement that will go to the highest bidder. If that name happens to leak, who will be the one that does it? Here are some possible culprits:

4) Hospital Employee

The odds-on favorite for a "leaker" is some anonymous tipster at the hospital looking for a payday from TMZ or some magazine, beating Kimye to the punch in getting paid from an announcement of their own.

3) Friend of the Family (or a Mole)

Similar motive to the above hospital employee - someone looking to get a payday that is on the inside.

2) Bruce Jenner

Bruce tends to play along with the Kardashian Kraziness on the TV show, but it is pretty obvious he has a cynical side and is a little bit of a Kardashian hater deep down. He might just leak the details to make Kim have a bad day.

1) Kanye West

Kanye has conveniently been away a lot during Kim's pregnancy, and I think there's more to it than him trying to avoid mood swings. "Yeezus" and his ego may want to make a little statement, and a power move of dropping a name before Kim and Kris get their chance to shine might be just such a power move.

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