In this day and age we all need to be aware and cautious, whether it is through e-mails, snail mail, online or over the phone someone is always trying to scam an innocent person.

The latest to get national attention is a scam from area code (473) where your phone rings once and disconnects, or If rings more than once and the person picks up it will be a computer voice that will make weird sounds and then hang up. The whole point is to make someone who is curious call back, that is where the scam starts and the money starts racking up.

This type of scam is called a "RING AND RUN" and has been around for years, but a new crop has popped up, and also involves other area codes as well. Bottom line If you don't recognize the number have it go to your voice mail, If it is important enough and a legit call they will leave a message, If the message makes no sense do not call the number back!

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