It is a sad sign of the times of when you have an individual or individuals trying to take advantage of people by preying on them via the phone or Internet, and a new scam has popped up in Hermantown.

According to Sergeant Bill Marsolek of the Hermantown Police Department they received a complaint call from a Hermantown Business about a phone call they received saying that they had an over due water bill and their service was about to be shut off! Thankfully the business did not give them any money or other pertinent information over the phone and called the police department.

You here of these types of scams all of the time, where some of these calls or notices seem very official, so just remember to always contact the service provider directly If you ever have any questions, do not ever give out any information over the phone or on-line. Also report this to your local police department for them to try and follow any leads.

Sergeant Marsolek reported that this has happened in a neighboring community as well, so be on high alert as a business or individual property owner.

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