Well, here’s a twist in the battle to curb childhood obesity.

According to the research, enjoying candy failed to cause additional cardiovascular issues. Kids who chowed down on sugary treats also weighed less and had a lower body mass index than those youngsters who don’t.

The numbers showed that kids who eat candy were 22 percent less likely to be overweight and 26 percent less likely to be obese than children who don’t count M&Ms and Skittles among the foods that have made the trip to their tummies.

The big question, of course, is, how is this possible? The research indicates that kids who eat candy maintain a good balance of taking in calories, while also burning them.

Amazingly, this study backs research from earlier this year which found that eating candy won’t cause weight gain in adults.

Now, if we can only find research that uncovers the same information for cheeseburgers and pizza.

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